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  1. Emily Martelle says:

    I came across this blog on pinterest and love the puzzle pieces idea! Can you tell me where you found the blank puzzle? I haven’t been able to find one anywhere. Thanks!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Emily!
    I found it online, but you should check any teacher supply stores, like Lakeshore!

  3. Jen says:

    Would you be able to just buy a big puzzle and paint it white or would you just recommend buying a blank one somewhere? Thanks! :]

  4. admin says:

    I actually ordered one here:
    or check your local teacher supply stores!

  5. Kristin says:

    Hey I was trying to find out what the quality and thickness of the puzzle you ordered off the site mentioned above.. I was going to order the small puzzle to check but the shipping is kind of expensive so I want to order it all at once!!

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  7. Jennifer Williams says:

    Hi! I was wondering what it means by the puzzle pieces all fit together. Does that mean you get a few different puzzles and they combine into one big one? Thanks!! :)

  8. admin says:

    The puzzle is a larger version of a regular puzzle, about the same thickness. go for it!

  9. Kristen says:

    I looked on that site and the puzzles only have 48 pieces… I have way over 48 guests… Do you know if you can combine them to make one large puzzle?

  10. chardawneh says:

    Is there a way to tell the top of the puzzle piece so when it is put together all the signatures are in the same direction and readable?

  11. Heather says:

    I love this idea! But I also have over 200 guests! Any ideas where I can get a puzzle that big or would it be easier to get a puzzle from target and paint it white? Or do they sell plain puzzles at Michaels/AC Moore?? Thank you!!

  12. admin says:

    I just bought multiple sets of the puzzle! all of the pieces fit together….you just won’t have straight edges, does that make sense? It still looks awesome.

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  14. Pam Faulkner says:

    I’ve found these in art supply and stationary stores. They come as an 8.5″ x 11″ assembled puzzle card with 12 puzzle pieces that are about 2.75″ each.

    To prevent the writing from being upside down, decide if you want the assembled puzzle to be horizontal or vertical, then lightly mark all of the pieces with a line, star or removable sticker that says, “sign here”, available at office supply and stationary stores.

  15. Kendra says:

    Do you know where I can find a solid white puzzle? This is a great idea and I would love to use it for my reception! I have searched online but can’t seem to find anything.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  16. I found your blog and love this. We make personalized photo jigsaw puzzles and make a great deal of Wedding Guest Books. We have made them from engagement photos, funny photos, and just about anything you can imagine. We sell a great deal of these and have also located a double sided frame to showcase it in. Contact us for more information at Love your site!!

  17. Kristina says:

    Puzzle pieces are best if you have everyone keep the knob ends up and to the right. If you include this instruction with the piece for your guest it should work great! They are already blank white in color. The company is now offering wedding box options for 100 or 200 guest. Check it out at:
    Looks like they also created something on Pinterest at:

  18. julianne says:

    I was wondering exactly what the frame says?!

  19. admin says:

    Hi Kendra! If you go back to my blog post on this wedding I included a link!

  20. Meggan says:

    I have made a similar one with my husband to be cutting out the puzzles pieces and I painted them. What did your sign say sitting with the pieces? I am trying to come up with a sweet and catchy pharse! Thanks.

  21. Kathleen says:

    I have about 115 guests at my wedding and I’d love to do this, but I’d really like to be able to put it together and frame it — just assuming this will be one very large puzzle! do you know of anywhere I could get slightly smaller pieces?

  22. Julia says:

    I bought a community puzzle from the following link. Keep in mind that not every person will use their own piece… may couples may only sign one piece. The community puzzle is nice because all the pieces are the same shape and are interchangeble… so you can use as many or as few as you need. I spent about $20 after shipping.

  23. admin says:

    hi Kathleen! If you look on the blog post I linked to the website where I bought the puzzle :)

  24. admin says:

    Hi Meggan,
    I think the sign said something like “we are two pieces that fit perfectly together”….so cute!

  25. Sara says:

    I need a 150 blank puzzle pieces for my guest books, any good websites?

  26. admin says:

    I left a link on the blog post!

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  28. jennyjo says:

    I’d love to see a picture of what the puzzle looks like put together or how people display their puzzles later!

  29. I like this! thanks for share

  30. I absolutely love this idea! It is so creative and unique! I was wondering if it would be okay for me to repost this amazing DIY project with the photos? I will credit it as your idea and link it back to your post. I work with a local wedding company on Oahu and I am looking to share fabulous ideas with my Hawaii Brides. Please let me know!

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  32. Stephanie says:

    We did this for my wedding, however we had a big black and white puzzle printed with one of our engagement pictures on it. I then had all my guests sign with teal markers since teal black and white were my colors!

  33. donna says:

    Found a 150 piece white puzzle on Etsy! Thick, durable and not as flimsy as the Community Puzzle that I saw. This one is a TRUE puzzle and I think that you can get a photo on it.

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