Camping Baby Shower

Little Hudson Toney.  You are so loved.  And I hope you enjoy your life of adventure that you are for sure going to have.  You have the most amazing parents and community around you.  Enjoy your adventure.

Girls behind the beauty:

Design: Jesi Haack Design

Design & florals: JL Designs

Dessert Display: Sweet and Saucy Shop & Sweet and Saucy Supply

Photos: Carlie Renee of Gabriel Ryan

Paper Goods: Posh Paperie

See our feature on this new amazing blog, On To Baby.

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22 Responses to Camping Baby Shower

  1. Bird says:

    LOVE this with a vengeance!!

    Will be sharing on our fan page here:

    Thank you!!

  2. anna says:

    wow. this whole shower just blew me away. every detail is perfect. My favorite is the mini golden books. Great Job!!!

  3. You have got to be kidding me on the cuteness and details here. I LOVE IT! You always think outside the box and this one takes the cake. Literally. How cute is that tent on the top?!? Amazing.

  4. morgan says:

    This is quite possibly the cutest thing I have EVER seen! The cake – ridiculous! I’m proud of you and I don’t even know you!

  5. paige appel says:


  6. I love you and Hudson will love you too. My shower was the most awesome ever- thank you thank you :)

  7. So very cute. What a sweet shower. Love every last detail. I want whatever is in the cute little jar with the spoon tied to it.

  8. Tara Wheaton says:

    Such a cute shower for Hudson and his wonderful Mama Courtney! Love ALL the pictures, Loved the desserts too! And loved meeting some new girls =) (but the mac & cheese was my fav ;-)

  9. jenny haas says:

    This is the cutest theme for a baby shower! I love all of your creative ideas :) [good job Carlie on the pictures!]

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  11. I LOOOOVE Babies and Camping :)

  12. sheri says:

    simply adorable. dying over those cookies and onsies!

  13. Taylor says:

    too funny, I found this looking for camping party ideas for my son’s 4th birthday. His name…… HUDSON!

  14. love your posts! thanks for sharing,could i use your pictures?

  15. zoelicious says:

    So cute! Love the camping theme. Just found your photos on LilSugar & stopping by to see if there are more. Love the cake, the food presentation & the make your onesie idea!

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  17. Caitlin Morgan says:

    I adore this! Where did you find the iron ons? I am looking for some cute ones like this for a friends shower!

  18. admin says:

    Hi Caitlin!
    I found them at Joann’s! And I found the ones on the food toothpicks in the scrapbook section :)

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