Grumpy Old Men Day

Ok, so apparently party planning runs in my family. This party was just WAY too much fun not to share with you guys. So, my hubby’s friend turned 30 years old a couple of weeks ago. We were hanging out in the garage and started brainstorming ways to celebrate Isaac’s birthday. Ryan came up with an amazing idea. Grumpy Old Men Day. Oh man, did it go crazy! I was so proud of how my hubby put it all together! He even had an excel spreadsheet :) All of the guys never broke character ALL day! From waking the birthday boy up at 5am, to coughing and hacking during every conversations, to throwing a shoulder out of socket during a swim sesh (seriously happened, maybe they are older than they thought)…
My wonderfully talented husband documented the entire celebration through his lens.
Here is a look at their itinerary:
5am: guys meet and put on their wardrobes (thrift store old men outfits)

515am: surprise Isaac by waking him up with major coughing and hacking and making him dress in the old man outfit they chose for him

530am: went to the donut shop at Blackie’s and read newspapers in the dark
6am: Longboarding at Blackie’s

9am: worked on their car since the battery died from leaving the lights on (another true old man thing that happened)

10am: Breakfast at Omelette Parlor
11am: Golf 18 holes

2pm: lunch at clubhouse, whiskey, scotch and pipe smoking

3pm: shananigans in the parking lot

330pm: jacuzzi time (they used the railing to get in, i’m sure)
4pm: newport beach PD helicopter flew overhead because of their rowdiness

430pm: one old man’s shoulder was dislocated during a swim race

5pm: BBQ for “supper”
9pm: retired their canes and went for beers at Goat Hill

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